Exceptional electric campervan for hire in the UK

Earlier this month, eco-conscious entrepreneur Lewis Nyman got in touch with Love Campers to convert his Citroen E-Dispatch into a one-of-a kind electric campervan!

We organised an interview and photo shoot with Lewis and his friends to hear more about the finished campervan and his plans to hire it out as an eco camper, via his new business Wild Drives.

You can book this beautiful campervan, which has been named ‘Eve’ on his website or Quirky Campers right now, so get in touch with Lewis if you’re interested in a sustainable getaway this summer!

Eve’s soft furnishings and materials are ethically sourced and Lewis has fitted her out with a whole range of ethical accessories. From the wooden cutlery, to the locally made soap your holiday with Eve will have the lightest footprint possible.

Watch the video!

Check out the photos and interview below 🙂

electric campervan Lewis Nyman & Love Campers
The electric campervan for hire – looking glorious in the sunshine!
electric campervan conversion Love Campers
electric campervan conversion Love Campers
electric van conversion
Lewis Nyman electric camper

What’s inside?

The cutting-edge design features tonnes of sustainable features including an induction hob, solar panels, FSC-certified wooden furniture and natural fibre insulation.

All of these features are on top of our usual jam-packed Mandalay offering which included:

  • Pop top roof
  • Rock’n’roll bed
  • Beautiful upholstery chosen by Lewis
  • Insulation and carpet-lining
  • 4000W inverter
  • High capacity  lithium-ion battery
  • Hand-built wooden furniture
  • Solid wood removable table
  • Medium sized fridge
  • Camper lighting – flexi and spot lighting
  • USB and plug sockets
  • Blackout curtains covering all windows
  • Removable portaloo
electric van conversion

We chat with Lewis about his finished electric campervan

We got together for a picnic at the wonderful WoWo campsite in East Sussex with Lewis and his friends as we got the chance to catch up on how his eco camper hire business is unfolding.

Lewis showed us around his new van and told us why he chose Love Campers for the van build.

What are your favourite parts of your new camper?

I do love a pop up roof, it’s great to create standing space in the van, as an additional bed area, and as a nice view point!

I also have to talk about the induction hobs. I worked together with Love Campers to figure out how we could avoid cooking with fossil fuels while also making off-grid camping viable. You’ll have to plug in the van occasionally depending on how far you’re driving but I don’t want that to be a daily concern.

This might get a little nerdy, but to support induction hobs we’ve had to install a high capacity 200ah lithium-ion battery, two solar panels for a maximum of 370W, and a 2000W inverter. And there’s an option to plug the battery into a camper site hookup if it’s a really grey day.

Writing it out like this, it feels like a lot of work just to cook with electric hobs. But I wanted to set a standard that this van is about doing the right thing in the right way.

Why did you choose Love Campers?

Love Campers was a great fit for me for a few reasons. 

One, I wanted a converter with experience converting electric campervans. I considered converting it myself but had nightmares of doing something stupid like drilling through the traction batteries! When I started researching, I saw that they had already converted quite a few, which was more than most other companies!

The second reason, I wanted a campervan interior that looked fantastic. I had just invested in a brand new electric van, which is very slick! I wanted an interior that matched that level of quality. Love Campers have some great design layouts to use as starting points, and offer a lot of support getting all the details just right. I’ve been impressed.

Lewis Million Pound Motorhomes Love Campers
electric van conversion

What are you most looking forward to about owning a campervan?

I can’t wait to give the campervan a proper test and take a trip to Wales, Cornwall, or Scotland. I’m looking forward to waking up and hearing the sea outside.

And I can’t wait to rent it out for the first time and give someone their first all electric campervan experience.

electric van life
electric van conversion
electirc campervan for hire

Behind the scenes on the Love Campers shoot

As always, we had an absolute blast shooting with the fabulous Jamie and James, Love Campers’ official photographer and videographer. A huge thanks to Lewis, Louise and Trevor for such a lovely day. Lewis, we wish you all the success in the world for your future business plans!

Lastly, a massive thank you to the incredible bunch of eco-conscious people at WoWo campsite who made the shoot possible.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the day 🙂

Interview with Lewis – coming soon!
Louise looking very happy with the picnic!
Look at that spread!
Love Campers Marketing Manager Lucy getting her caffeine fix!
The true star of the day – Marley the dog!
James and Jamie busy shooting on location
Jamie taking some photos of Louise and Marley in the camper

Interested in an electric campervan for hire? Follow Wild Drives on Instagram so you can find out when even more beautiful electric campers become available.