Over Night Campervan Stays With A Toddler

Great family bonding time with our toddler by a Dad who loves his family and his van!

We are lucky enough to have access to a number of different sized campervans and we do try to make the most of them  Whatever the temperature outside, one of the cutest regular fixtures in our household is a weekly father and daughter night in our long wheelbase Sprinter family van.

Love Campers Sprinter Conversion - Rear Exterior

We have found we really don’t have to go very far or make a big deal of planning and preparation, to enjoy some time in the van.  Pretty much every week, whatever the weather,  my daughter and I can often be seen going off on a Sunday afternoon and park up somewhere quiet for the night.  There are a few favourite spots, close to our workshop and our daughter’s nursery.

Depending on the weather, we may fly a kite, have a run around, or say hello to some farm animals!  When darkness falls the van is a great place to be.  In the winter, we crank the heating up so the van is really cosy.  Furthur has a full kitchen with an oven, so it’s easy to cook a delicious dinner.  There’s even a TV, so there may be a bit of CBeebies action before sleep. It is an early night for me but in the relaxed environment of the campervan there is nothing better than listening to a nearby river, or some wildlife as you drift off.

Love Campers Sprinter Conversion - Interior

It’s such a lovely little routine and something our toddler daughter loves. As soon as she sees me get ready, she grabs a bag and heads to the front door to wait for me! We know that as our toddler grows what she likes may change, so I am taking every opportunity to enjoy this precious time with her. Thanks Further – for being such a perfect companion on our trips.  

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