Mercedes Sprinter

In our ‘Furthur’ design

Our large family camper

Conversion only price from £17,000 + VAT

Our large, five berth family campervan conversion can be fitted into most long wheelbase vans including the Mercedes Sprinter and the Volkswagen Crafter.

The price above is “conversion only” meaning that the van will need to be bought separately. We can source and supply a van for you, or help you find one. Suitable base vans can be found for as little as around £6,000.

This campervan is a beautifully designed and finished versatile family camper, perfect for family campervan experiences or for couples after the extra space and luxury that the larger vans provide. This is a design that we developed, designed to our ideal spec. We regularly take the whole family away in a van of this exact design.

This large family campervan has plenty of cupboard space, and a rear entry garage to store bags and muddy items away from the living area. The van comes complete with double rocknroll bed, a semi-fixed extra-large bed, a cooking area, a cooker, fridge, toilet with a separate cubicle, and plenty of seating.

This campervan conversion comes with the following features:

  • A double folding rocknroll bed / seat;
  • An extra large raised semi-fixed bed;
  • A rear-entry garage for storing bikes, muddy clothes, and anything you don’t want to keep in the main living area;
  • Plenty of storage throughout the van;
  • Five x three-point seatbelts;
  • Full cooking area with a sink with pump and running water, oven, grill, gas hobs, fridge, and cupboard space;
  • A toilet in a separate cubicle;
  • A large water tank;
  • Swivel front seat/s;
  • Folding table;
  • Electric vent to keep the air fresh inside;
  • 240v hook-up for when you want to plug in at a campsite;
  • Multiple three-pin plug sockets and usb charging ports;
  • Two leisure batteries and a full power management system;
  • LED lighting throughout the van giving you loads of options for mood and lighting;
  • Standard black-out curtain set-up (if you have lots of windows, it may be extra).

Optional extras include:

  • A full solar system allowing the van to function fully off-grid;
  • Gas airblow heating on a thermostat so you can set the unit to keep the van warm overnight;
  • A microwave;
  • A TV;
  • An inverter so you can power appliances from your three-pin electric sockets whilst not hooked up to the mains;
  • Porthole windows or other windows if starting with a panel van.
Love Campers Sprinter Conversion - Exterior