Ford Transit Conversions

Why the Ford Transit?

Ford Transits are probably the best known of all vans and can be bought fairly easily and often to the size and engine size you want – which does make them popular conversions – the down side being that because of the range of sizes most builds will be bespoke. This means that you will end up with the design and finish you want but that the conversion costs are likely to be slightly higher.

In selecting your van you will be able to choose from a range of wheelbases options and roof heights. The vans do offer a lot of space and with sliding side doors and double opening back doors the design options are wonderfully flexible.


Love Campers’ Clara says:

‘The Ford Transit van is a really exciting van to convert. There is enough space to create a really comfortable living and sleeping area as well as cater for any specific travel plans or hobbies.  The vans themselves are easy to buy in the UK and spares are also relatively low cost which may be important if you are going to be covering a lot of camper-miles!’

Building Your Perfect Ford Transit Campervan

1. Selecting the right base

It may be worth having an initial chat with us at Love Campers and we can help determine the optimal wheelbase option for your requirements. Longer is not always better, particularly if you are going to be having a lot of off road or mountainous adventures!


2. Deciding what you want in your Ford Transit Conversion

As the conversion of your Ford Transit will be bespoke you can talk us through what you are trying to achieve with the conversion. It is probably sensible to start by thinking about how you are going to use the van, how many people will need to sleep comfortably in it and even the type of climate you think you will be spending most of your time in. We can fit all sorts of ingenious beds, revolving seats, solar panels, cooking facilities, sinks, work spaces and storage cupboards.


Some of our Vans

Family van

This van was built for a young family with three children. The bunk beds were perfect for the youngsters to sleep in – and the storage area created when the beds are folded up is perfect for their outside toys and chairs that can be stored when they are on the move. This family wanted to be able to eat inside or out and to have a solar panel to help support lights and the fridge. A toilet was integrated at the front of the van for occasional use when a nigh time trip to the toilet lost its appeal.


Serious treckers van

This van was built for an adventurous couple planning to spend a few months traveling around Europe. The van, a  longwheel transit provided plenty of space to create a real home from home – the van was equipped with a toilet, cooker, fridge double bed and as much storage as we could include. The high spec finish and bespoke design mixed contemporary and more traditional styles to create a liveable space in destinations from mountains to the beach.


Have a look at our gallery below for some conversion images and the finished product. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or enquiries. Contact us by email at and by phone at 07973 687950 or 07858 831116.

See our general conversions page for more information.