Hiring a VW Campervan for a Special Occasion

At Love Campers we love nothing more than a celebration, be it a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, or just a stupidly romantic gesture.  We have a gorgeous split screen Classic VW ‘Splitty’ campervan for hire to make your day that little bit more… well just a little bit more.


Our Love Campers VW Splitty is black and dark orange with a dark leather and wood interior. There is room for 5 seating plus the driver. We will drive it for you (suitably dressed of course).

The Splitty can simply be your rather delightful mode of transport or a centre piece for your celebration.


To talk to us about Love Campers VW Splitty hire e-mail us hello@lovecampers.co.uk or call us on 07973 687950.

*For the uninitiated, a VW ‘Splitty’ has all the charm of a VW campervan with a distinctive 2 window windscreen.