Mitsubishi Delica Conversion

Why the Delica? Mitsubishi Delicas are agile, tough 4WD vehicles that are equally at home cruising around town and getting right off the beaten track. They are great fun to drive. Once you have tried one, you will be hooked! The Delica’s footprint is no larger than a car, however we can fit a full conversion into a Mitsubishi Delica.

Love Campers’ Darren says:

‘The Mitsibushi Delica is one of my favourites to convert – it is well built and the living space can be ingeniously designed for specialist hobby equipment or with extra ‘rolling home’ comforts for longer trips. It’s a 4WD van that is relatively economical to run and perfect for getting through ‘festival mud’. We sourced our first ever Delica from the Japan and converted it at our workshop here in the UK, and haven’t looked back.’

Building Your Perfect Mitsubishi Delica Campervan

1. Helping you find the right base van

New Mitsubishi Delicas are not sold on the UK market. They have to be imported from Japan. We can help you navigate the market to find a good base vehicle from a dealer in the UK, or alternatively work with you to import a vehicle from Japan. We are completely transparent about the process and various import-related costs, so our clients know exactly where their money is going and what the final “on the road” price will be.


2. Deciding what you want in your conversion

Our conversions are all completely hand-built, but that doesn’t mean they are more expensive than other companies’ mass produced conversions. We have several tried and tested core designs which we can then customise for individual customers’ needs. We will work with you to develop a design that works with your budget and spec.

We can build and fit rocknroll beds of varying sizes, revolving captain’s seats, pop-top roofs, heating systems, folding tables, cupboards, sinks, hobs, 240v hook-up, lighting, USB chargers, roof racks, snorkels, and more.


Some of our vans:

The Atlantis

Named after the fictional island of Atlantis our figurehead Delica conversion is built for adventurers. For a small van conversion the Atlantis is exceptionally well equipped and comes with a 4ft wide rocknroll bed and an elevating roof bed, making it perfect for families that like travel off the beaten track. The exceptionally well designed interior includes: high quality hand built furniture in vohringer ply, a power management system with full electrics and a selection of lights, USB and three-pin sockets, a sink with a pump and tap, a removable table system and a double or single gas burner.  The Atlantis  has its own page with further information on this gorgeous van.


Robin Hood’s Van

We love hearing about the adventures our clients plan for their new Delicas. Here’s an example of a van we built for some archery enthusiasts. They wanted a van they could use for their archery hobby, and for us to incorporate some existing and “found” objects they had chosen, into the build. We built some extra long cupboards for storing their bows, and incorporated some old British Airways airplane lockers and Mexican tiles into the interior furniture. We built the rocknroll bed-frame to fit a futon they wanted to use for the bed.


Our Mini Beast

We built this conversion for our own rental fleet. It had a rocknroll bed with one three-point seatbelt, and a sink and gas hob built into the furniture. It had an enormous roof rack and a mean looking snorkel!


Have a look at our gallery below for some conversion images and the finished product. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or enquiries. Contact us by email at and by phone at 07973 687950 or 07858 831116.

See our general conversions page for more information and our Small Camper Conversions and Camper Cars page for interior options, these can be built inside a Delica Campervan. Also see our VW Caddy Conversions page.