VW Caddy Conversion

Why the Caddy? A VW Caddy Campervan is small enough to use as an everyday vehicle, to park easily, and is low on fuel consumption.  At the same time, it can be the base for a full campervan conversion – pop-top roof, double bed, kitchen area with sink and gas hobs, and a fridge.  With a drive-away awning or a bed in the pop-top roof, a Caddy Conversion will work as a family campervan.

Love Campers’ Clara says:

‘I drive a VW Caddy as my daily car as well as using it as a campervan and a day-van.  I can take the dogs for a walk and then chill out and make myself a cup of tea in the van.  I often take my laptop and work from the van rather than have to drive home just to do company admin. As a camper it is so compact that there’s no bother with height restrictions, it can be parked up almost anywhere with no hassle.


There aren’t many Caddy Campervans on the road and if we see another one we tend to stop and chat to them.  It’s interesting to see the different ways that people have worked with the available space.  We think our conversions are pretty special though! ‘

Building a VW Caddy Camper

1. Selecting a base van
The first thing we do is select a good base van to build the conversion in.  We look for a van that balances value for money, as low a mileage as possible, and in as good condition as possible.

2. Remove the existing interior of the base van
The next stage is to remove most of the interior of the van!

3.  Fit the pop-top roof
This involves cutting a large hole in the roof!  We then put a strengthening framework inside the cut-out and attach the new roof, making sure it is well sealed.  Darren’s 25 years experience as a precision metal-worker stands him in good stead for this kind of job.

Love Campers Mandalay Conversion - Poptop Roof

4.  Fit the 240v hook-up
This involves cutting another hole in the van, this time in the side!

5. Insulation and lining
After fitting the roof and 240v hook-up, the next stage is to insulate and line the campervan.  We usually use an insulation material called Celotex.  The lining can be in a variety of colours and styles.  For this conversion here we used carpet lining – nice and cosy!

6. Flooring
The next stage is fitting the flooring.  We often use a heavy duty lino especially for campervans.

7. fitting power cables
We fit some electric cables from the vehicle’s engine battery running back into the van. This is a really tricky job!

8.  Build the bed
The next job is to build the folding back seat, which turns into a bed,  this is called a rocknroll bed.  We build the beds from scratch ourselves, meaning that for an unusual van like the VW Caddy Camper, we can maximise the space available and make sure that the bed is as large as possible. We work with an upholsterer for the cushions.

Love Campers Mandalay Conversion - Rock and Roll Bed

9. Build the cupboards
We build all our cupboards bespoke to fit the van.  This again means that we maximise the space available and ensure that the vans we build meet our clients’ needs.  We tend to use a high quality lightweight furniture ply that comes in a range of finishes.  However we can work with all kinds of wood and other materials.

10. Fitting the sink, gas cooker and fridge
This is done alongside building and fitting the cupboards.

Love Campers Mandalay Conversion - Cooker

11. Wire it up!
We install a “power management system”, a split-charging unit, lighting, water pumps, USB sockets and 240v power points.  The power management system and split-charging unit are what enables the interior functions of the van to run without draining the car battery.

12. Safety check
We conduct a thorough safety check.

13. Test-drive
We test-drive a new conversion to ensure that everything is working as it should.

14. Handover
We hand over a lovingly converted Love Campers VW Caddy Conversion to its owner. We can’t resist a sneaky (often slightly tearful) backward glance as the Caddy makes its way to its new home

Have a look at our gallery below for some conversion images and the finished product. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or enquiries. Contact us by email at hello@lovecampers.co.uk and by phone at 07973 687950 or 07858 831116.

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