A look inside the off-grid, electric VW ID Buzz Camper

The VW ID Buzz Camper… ride the wave of the sustainable van life movement

Introducing our exclusive campervan design based on the spectacular VW ID Buzz, with a conversion and technical additions by Love Campers, this camper combines iconic styling with up to date technology and bespoke carpentry. 

VW ID Buzz campervan
vw id buzz campervan

The VW ID Buzz campervan includes:

  • 2 Sleeping berths
  • 2000 watt inverter
  • Eco Flow Delta Pro battery as extra
  • Stainless steel sink
  • 30 litre water tank
  • Induction hob
  • Space saving slat bed that doubles as sofa and storage
  • Laminate or wooden cabinetry in your choice of style
  • Solar panel system with up to 305 watts
  • Natural fibre insulation
  • Extra windows
  • USB &USC ports
  • Handcrafted joinery by skilled carpenters (in your choice of style)
  • Forbo flooring (in your choice of style)
  • Luxury upholstery (in your choice of style)
  • Wooden worktop surfaces
  • USB & 240 V pin plug sockets
  • Wireless charging point
  • Pull out rear table
  • Spotlights LED and flexi light
  • Luxury blackout curtains
  • FSC woodwork throughout
  • Drawer that doubles as laptop table – 2 choices of size
  • 22 litre drawer fridge
id buzz camper interior

With an estimated driving range of over 250 miles, and a speedy charge time of only 30 minutes, the VW ID Buzz camper works well for couples or solo adventurers who are after an eco-conscious road trip that stands out for all the right reasons.

The low running costs and its smooth, slick design has earned it many prestigious titles in a year full of awards. To name just a few the ID Buzz won the ‘What Car? Car of the Year 2023’, The Motor Awards’ Best Designed Car of the Year, and ‘Icon of the Year’ at the 2023 GQ Car Awards.

Alongside innovative technology such as infotainment, the ID Light system and Travel Assist, the van is thoughtfully built from sustainable materials throughout including animal-free leather and extensive use of recycled materials. 

This is one of the most special campervans in the UK, possibly even the world, designed with sustainability at its core.

id buzz camper

Retro style meets futuristic functionality

Its ‘eye-catching’ design pays homage to the iconic VW Type 2 of the 60’s, but gives the retro aesthetic a futuristic overhaul.

At 4.7 meters long it’s a small to medium sized van that creates some challenges, on what can fit inside, however with a specialism in micro campers Love Campers were able to create a highly functional and attractive camper conversion . 

In comparison, to other van converters, Love Campers chose to build a van that would meet Type Approval safety requirements, meaning that this particular van does not include either a pop top roof or a RocknRoll bed that has not been through full crash safety tests. 

We’re extremely pleased with the final result, packed full of gadgets and with plenty of solar and battery technology.

Last but not least, the breath-taking vinyl wrap was custom made by the super talented resin artist Zee Van Gils. The stunning design inspired by the sea, with bright pops of pinks and blues, ensures that this campervan turns every single head as it passes by. 

We’re thrilled to have created, what we believe to be, one of the most eye-catching and impactful micro campers of our time. We hope it attracts a new generation of sustainable van enthusiasts.

If you’d like to find out more about our ID Buzz camper conversions visit our dedicated web page. Conversions from £19,999 +VAT to be the coolest camper on the road!