Electric Campervan Designs

As an ethical business it’s always been important for us to move towards building electric vans. On this page we outline some of our electric campervan designs layouts.

At Love Campers we innovate on new electric vans as soon as they came to the market as it’s important to us to fly the flag for a more sustainable ‘van life’ movement. 

As a result, we are delighted to share that we have now built many electric campervans including the iconic VW ID Buzz, Nissan E-NV200 and the Citroen E-Dispatch.

In fact, we are very proud to be one of a few converters in the world to have worked on the fully electric VW ID Buzz, pictured below.

VW ID Buzz campervan

We have found that because our designs are hand built and totally unique we have the ability to adapt quickly when new models come to the market. It is this agile approach that allows us to be extremely innovative and fast-moving to achieve our sustainability goals in regards to electric campervans. 

Electric Campervan videos

At a Glance

Design Base VehicleBerthBelted SeatsPop-Top RoofInduction HobSolar PanelDrawer Fridge
E-MandalayNissan E NV200, Citroen e-Dispatch, Toyota ProaceUp to 44Yes – optionalYesYesYes
E-ChamonixNissan E NV200, Citroen e-Dispatch, Toyota Proace, VW ID Buzz22NoYesYesYes
id buzz campervan

Electric Campervans – FAQs

  • Are electric campervans expensive to maintain?

Once you have paid the initial price for the van, electric vehicles are far more cost effective than those run on fossil fuels. You will also be exempt from some other costs such as congestion charges. Electric motors have fewer components compared to a traditional vehicle, which mean less trips for expensive servicing.

  • Will I need to pay road tax?

No! Electric campervans are exempt from paying road tax. However, you must tax your vehicle even if you are exempt, find out more here.

  • Will I be able to charge easily?

Yes! There are charge points all over the country and they’re steadily increasing all the time. Apps such as Zap Map will be helpful to find charge points on your journey. We also put together 4 handy road trip routes with charge point stops along the way – check it out on our blog.

  • Will the range be any good?

A range of an electric campervan will depend on lots of different things such as the weight and model of the vehicle. Other factors that will affect range include your driving style and speed as well as unpredictable things like the weather! Having said that, we know that some of our converted campervans including the VW ID Buzz’s we’ve built have a range of up to 250 miles.

Electric van designs layouts


electric campervan conversion Love Campers

Electric Campervan Design

This camper conversion and comes with a rocknroll bed, pop top roof, four belted seats and up to two double sleeping berths. 

The E-Mandalay features an induction hob, solar panels and some other optional extras.

The Mandalay offers everything you could have in a larger conversion, including an extra-wide bed.


id buzz campervan conversion

Electric Campervan Design

This camper conversion comes with either a single or double slat bed and wooden panelling throughout.

The E-Chamonix features an induction hob, solar panels and some other optional extras. It works well in the iconic VW ID Buzz van.

Feeling inspired to get an electric campervan?

We are highly experienced converters of artisan campervans, based in East Sussex. If you sign up to our build-to order queue we will work with you to build the van of your dreams with one of our electric campervan designs.

Don’t forget, you get to choose the materials and style of your campervan. Find out more about the interior options that are available to you on our finishes page or inspiration board.

If you’re interested in a conversion please do not hesitate to contact us so we can chat about your requirements. We’d love to hear from you. Fill out this short enquiry form to get started or call us on 01273101407