Campervan interior finishes – your choices

At Love Campers we have several tried and tested core designs which we can then tailor to our customers’ needs. We know how important it is to have a customisable design so you can give your campervan interior a ‘personal touch’.

You will be able to choose the colour scheme, fabrics, wood finish and other interior design elements.

Customisable Campervan Interior Areas

Finishes Diagram showing different surfaces which can be customised

Your Campervan Interior Choices

We have a large range of materials and colours to choose from. We’ve listed a few of the choices below to inspire you and get your creativity flowing! When you sign up to our build queue we will send over details on the entire range of choices so you can make an informed decision. 

From curtains to carpet choices, you can come up with a look that you’re happy with.

Wood Finish

We hand build natural wooden interiors in all our vans. You will have the choice of either ply or Tongue & Groove. With our Tongue & Groove wood finishes you will also have a choice of wood stain. Our craftsmen will be on hand to help you to choose the most practical, durable and attractive wood finishes for your new campervan! You also have the option of melamine should you wish. You will be able to choose the finish for your furniture and the work top surfaces. Love Campers will make recommendations on what will work best in your camper.

Wood finish in campervan

Please note that tongue & groove includes an additional cost as more time is required for the build.

Just a few or our available wood finishes:


We offer a wide range of upholstery choices including woven fabric and faux leather. Many of the woven fabrics available are wipeable with a teflon coating, making them waterproof and stain repellent. Some options of fabric available will feature Aquaclean™ Technology – a cleaning facilitator meaning that most stains can be removed using water only and will not harbour bacteria.

Just a few or our available upholstery fabrics:


We use high quality commercial grade Polyflor in our campervans. There are many options available in either Colour or Wood effects. The Wood style flooring has been developed to offer a natural, authentic look of a wooden floor with the advantages of a high quality vinyl floor.

Just a few or our available flooring options from an extensive range from Polyflor:

caddy conversion

Pop-Top Canvas

We are experienced fitters of pop top roofs for a variety of campervans, including VW Caddy Campers, VW Transporters, Mitsubishi Delicas and Ford Transit Customs. Our Volkswagen pop top roofs come in a range of 38 canvas colour choices so you can choose something unique for your campervan. There is also the option to have a zippable or un-zippable canvas roof.

Just a few or our available pop top fabric options:


We fit premium blackout curtains covering all windows. The range of curtains we use are ideal for protecting your privacy when you are in your vehicle and have a luxury look and feel. Our suppliers use thicker and heavier materials which are double lined to give a total blackout effect. Metal poppers fix the curtain sides to the edge of the window aperture so no light creeps in. You will have a choice of colours to choose from to complete the look of your campervan.

When you join the Love Campers build queue we send you the entire range for each customisable part of your van.