Interior Design Ideas for your Campervan

Choosing interior design ideas for your campervan is an exciting part of the process. Here we have deconstructed the design choices of some stylish vans we’ve built to help get you started with thinking about the mood and materials you’d like.

Bright and warm


With white washed cladding and natural wood furnishings, this light and airy design creates a simple and stylish base.

This camper features;

  • Light bamboo worktops
  • Tongue & Groove Natural Wood finish
  • White washed pine cladding (for ceiling)
  • Grey black-out curtains
  • Light Beech Eternal Wood flooring
  • Brass handles
  • Ravel fabric in Babe

We often use upholstery fabric with Teflon or Aquaclean technology which you can read more about here.

Confetti fabric
Calico fabric
Ribbon fabric swatch
Flame fabric

Choosing your colours

Balancing cool and warm tones is a helpful starting point in picking finishes. Natural wood brings warmth and grey linings or flooring cool things down – you generally want a balance of both. Not that an entirely cool or warm pallet is wrong, they are just strong atmospheres.

VW Caddy Campervan conversion

Classic and cosy


Comfortable and smart, this homely style features;

  • Natural oak worktops
  • Tongue and groove Indian Rosewood furnishings
  • Silver carpet lining
  • Neutral Dark Grey flooring
  • A Bainbridge fabric in Pimpernel

Pimpernel fabric
Indigo fabric
Bainbridge grey fabric

Choosing a pop top roof canvas colour

Matching a poptop roof with the colouring of the flooring can work well to create balance within your campervan. A lighter colour will create the illusion of space, whereas a warmer colour will create a cosy feel. Check out the options available.

colourful campervan interior

Modern and vibrant


This modern finish uses ply furnishings, modern details and brightly coloured upholstery;

  • Light Bamboo worktop
  • Poplar Ply furnishings with silver buttons
  • Ravel fabric in Naples

Naples fabric swatch

Earthy and rustic


This van features natural and earthy tones for an eco feel;

  • Natural oak worktops
  • Tongue & Groove Natural finish
  • Light poptop canvas
  • Elegant Oak vinyl flooring
  • Carousel fabric in Maze

Choosing an interior lining for your campervan

Something to consider is whether your van is wood cladded or uncladded. Uncladded areas of your campervan are lined with a robust vehicle carpet lining for comfort and insulation. This lining comes in a variety of colours including Silver and Smoke which are both cool tones, so are nicely paired with warmer natural woods and upholstery choices.

Stylish and light


Airy and light, this design features:

  • Natural Oak worktops
  • Tongue & Groove White wood finish
  • White washed pine cladding (ceiling)
  • Warm Chestnut vinyl flooring
  • Harris Charcoal upholstery