Electric van conversion

electric campervan conversion

At Love Campers, reducing our carbon footprint and building more environmentally friendly campervans is a constant work in progress for us. Increasing the number of electric van conversions we carry out is one way we’re hoping to make a difference.

In the last year we’ve been working on more electric campervans than ever before. Check out the gallery below which shows a conversion of a Nissan E-NV200 into a stunning micro camper.

We fitted this camper out with our ever popular Mandalay design.

We’d love to help you with your electric van conversion

If you’re happy to plan your longer trips around stopping at charging points, we think that an electric campervan is an excellent option.

Check out the current “plug-in” grant scheme to get a discount off your low-emission base vehicle.

If you’re thinking of buying an electric base vehicle and would like us to convert it for you please do get in touch before you purchase, as we haven’t worked on all the electric vans available on the market yet!

We’ll just want to make sure that it’s something that will work with our existing Love Campers designs. We want to make your green-camper-dreams come true!

Nissan E-NV200

Buying and converting an electric van – how easy is it?

How realistic and affordable is it to carry out an electric van conversion?

Luckily, the range of plug-in vehicles available on the market is picking up pace at an electrifying rate!

More manufacturers are seeing the benefits of producing electric cars and vans, particularly in response to many city centers beginning to impose stricter ‘clean air zones’.

Nissan and Renault dominate the small van sector, but there are also models from Citroën and Peugeot. This growing choice means that an electric vehicle is a more viable proposition than ever before. 

Solar Energy on our Campervans

Of course, an electric camper might not be possible for everyone. Another way we’ve always been able to make our campers more ecologically friendly has been to build campervans that function off-grid, from renewable solar power.

Through fitting powerful solar panels and connecting them to the leisure battery system, your entire campervan system can be powered from clean solar electricity.

If you’re unable to buy an electric vehicle this is a great option for making your current campervan more eco-friendly.

List of Electric Vans eligible for the “plug-in” grant

If you’re keen to buy a new electric campervan it’s worth looking into some exciting grants that are available to help you buy. 

You can get a discount on the price of a brand new low-emission vehicle through the current “plugin” grant scheme that the government offers directly to the vehicle dealerships and manufacturers.

If you’re after a small van “the grant will pay for 35% of the purchase price, up to a maximum of £3,000.”

And if you’re after a large van “the grant will pay for 35% of the purchase price for these vehicles, up to a maximum of £6,000.”

The vans listed below are available through the scheme. You’ll find more info on pod-point.com who’ve made a handy guide.

Small electric vans:

  • Maxus eDeliver 3 (short wheel base variants)
  • Nissan e-NV200
  • Renault Kangoo ZE
  • Renault Zoe Van

Large electric vans:

  • BD Auto eTraffic
  • BD Auto eDucato (3.5 tonnes)
  • Citroen e-Dispatch
  • LEVC VN5
  • MAN eTGE
  • Maxus eDeliver 3 
  • Maxus eDeliver 9
  • Mercedes-Benz eVito
  • Mercedes eSprinter
  • Peugeot e-Expert
  • Renault Master ZE
  • Renault Trucks Master ZE
  • Vauxhall Vivaro-e
  • Volkswagen ABT e-Transporter
  • LDV EV80
campervan and nature

Reconnecting to nature through the campervan lifestyle

The simple act of being outside more helps us to rethink our consumption. Being in nature, breathing in fresh air and disconnecting from the pressures of city life, allows us to reflect on the beauty of our world.

Escaping in your campervan forces you into a more minimal way of living, without the need (or space!) for unnecessary material possessions. It reminds us of the importance of slow, conscious travel and gives us more time to appreciate planet Earth.

How to make van life more sustainable in general

You may have already bought a base vehicle or may not be able to buy an electric van for another reason. Not to worry! There are many others ways we can aim to make van life more sustainable. Get in touch to ask us about an off-grid campervan.

If you already have a vehicle of your own you may wish to ‘patch it up’ and make do until it’s on its very last legs. 

Ultimately, protecting the planet involves consuming less and thinking about our current habits. Re-using and fixing up what is broken, rather than throwing something away, is one of the main ways we can protect our planet today.  

Thank you for reading this post and for joining us on this quest to make van life more sustainable.