Building your own “van life” brand

How we can help YOU to create your own campervan lifestyle brand…

Have you ever dreamed of having your own campervan? If the answer is ‘Yes’, you’ll know that the vision is so much more than just owning and vacationing in your camper.

It’s a gateway to breaking free from a mundane nine-to-five lifestyle.

It’s a way to kick-start a much healthier way of living.

And it’s a starting point to living in the here and now and truly making the most of life.

At Love Campers we’ve had the absolute pleasure of watching our clients hit the road to make beautiful memories in their campervans. Quite often the decision to have a converted campervan signifies so much more to our customers than simply buying a new vehicle…

For example, we’ve seen our accessible campervans create travel opportunities for those with disabilities so they can access the healing benefits of nature with greater ease.

We’ve also seen our clients take more time for their hobbies, such as wild water swimming, painting or surfing.

A new campervan may also offer the opportunity for a flourishing business idea to take hold. We’ve been contacted by travelling artists, masseuses, therapists and yoga teachers. We even built a van for a fisherman who used his camper to deliver fresh lobsters to restaurants!

Whatever your dream, we can help you bring it to life!

Creating a campervan lifestyle brand

We can help you kickstart your project in a number of ways, with assistance from the Love Campers marketing team. If you have a vision for your project we might be able to work with you to create a photoshoot, vanlife video and much more!

Our Marketing Manager Lucy has over 10 years experience working for start-ups and ethical businesses. Lucy will be able to have a phone call with you to talk through your vision and create a partnership plan to help you get moving with your ideas.

Here are a few things we may be able to offer assistance with:

  • A dedicated blog post on the Love Campers website
  • A youtube video to introduce your van + plan to the world!
  • A beautiful photoshoot of your finished camper
  • Tips for starting your own social media accounts

Here are some photos from behind-the-scenes on one of our latest shoots for van rental company Wild Drives.

A note on #vanlife !

At Love Campers we are passionate about accessibility and inclusion.  We believe that beautiful accessible campervan experiences, and access to nature, should be for everyone.  That’s why we want to break away from the glossy, mainstream (and outdated) version of the current #vanlife trend.

We care about sharing real stories, from real people, from a diverse range of backgrounds. If this sounds like you then get in touch.

We already work with a number of brand partners and are always interested in hearing from like-minded and aspirational clients.

Due to staffing resources, and the fact that we’re a small and highly experienced team, we won’t be able to work with every single client on this type of partnership, however we’d love to hear from you and help in whatever ways we can.

If you have a great idea, be sure to mention it to us when you get in touch. Clara will be able to put you in touch with Lucy if we’re able to help you further.

Dream big!