Are Petrol Campervans A Viable Option?

With all the negative publicity about diesel engines, many prospective campervan owners will be considering whether they should break with tradition and go for a campervan that runs on petrol.

The answer to the question ‘should I be looking to buy a petrol campervan’ very much depends on the size of van you are looking for, and how you want to use it.

The pros and cons of petrol vehicles

Whereas diesel used to be the only sensible choice for all van users, petrol engines have developed a lot recently, giving their diesel competitors a run for their money.

Torque and payload

Traditionally a weakness of petrol engines, some of the newer ones have very acceptable torque and payload ratings, albeit still usually a bit lower than a diesel engine.  This means that for larger vans, a diesel engine may still be a better choice in this respect, but for a smaller camper built with lightweight materials, a petrol engine should definitely have enough power to do the job.

The VW Caddy Maxi petrol van is one such small van we are very happy to convert into a campervan.

Is a petrol campervan economical?

The running costs of a petrol engine will usually be higher than those of a diesel engine, meaning that if you are only intending to cover very long distances, in particular on a regular basis, a petrol campervan will not be the most cost effective option. However, for those regularly covering shorter distances, there should be lower running costs with a petrol van.

For those looking for a combination campervan / everyday vehicle, there may be a balance to be struck therefore between the optimum engine for long distances and the optimum engine for an everyday run-around.

If you are primarily using your van for small distances, a petrol engine could also save you money on dealing with problems caused by the diesel particulate filter (DPF), found in newer diesel vehicles.

Less restrictions on usage

Petrol engines, particularly the newer ones, are less likely to be subject to regulations seeking to restrict the use of diesel engines in town and city centres.  This may not matter to some campervan users, but for those who live in a town or city and want to use their car as an everyday vehicle, it could be very important in the long run.

Petrol campervans are undoubtedly going to feature more prominently than they have before and if you’d like to talk to love campers  in more detail about your petrol options why not contact us on – or follow us on Facebook.

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