Campervan flooring

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Use this page to help you to choose a high-grade grade Forbo eco-lino for your campervan flooring. The full range we offer can be found below.

Our chosen flooring partners

We have built a longstanding relationship with our trusted suppliers: Forbo Flooring Systems

We only work with the best. Likewise, our chosen suppliers trust us to fit their premium products.

Forbo Flooring Systems is a global provider of premium commercial and residential floor coverings. They have an extensive and attractive range of environmentally friendly linoleum and high-quality vinyl flooring.

Please note: Forbo are experiencing some shortages due to demand. Please let us know your top 3 flooring choices in order of preference.

Eternal Wood

Eternal is a durable project vinyl floor with ‘PUR lacquering protection‘ preventing it from wear and tear for many years to come.

Elegant Oak
Dark Oak
Warm Chestnut
Light Beech

More available to choose from in the Eternal Wood range here.

Eternal original Smaragd

Dust Smaragd
White Smaragd
Mist Smaragd
Pistaccio Smaragd
Grey Smaragd

More available to choose from in the Eternal Original range here.

Eternal Material

The Eternal Material vinyl flooring collection presents a modern range of textures based on popular flooring materials like stones, metals and marble. We offer some classic structures and introduce new variations, like terrazzo and aluminium.

anthracite concrete
Anthracite concrete
Beton concrete
Beton concrete
black marble
Black marble
Charcoal contrast
Charcoal slate
Coal stone
Colourful Terrazzo
Fossil stucco
Graphite stucco
Gravel concrete
Gravel concrete
Grey cement
Grey marble
Grey slate
Iron cement
Light cement
Mercury contrast
Natural terrazzo
Neutral stone
Pebble stucco
Quartz stone
Silver concrete
Smoke cement
Snow contrast
White marble

Sphera Element

Sphera Element offers a fresh, light and contemporary colour palette which adds a sophistication to floor design. The range includes warm and cool neutrals which complement interior finishes such as wood and stone along with pastels and bright colours.

Anthracite flooring
Sphera Element Black
Sphera Element Amber
Sphera Element Amethyst
Sphera Element Carmine
Sphera Element Dark Neutral Grey
Neutral Dark Grey
Sphera Element Earth
Sphera Element Ivory
Sphera Element Sahara
Sphera Element Sand
Sphera Element Navy
Sphera element Silver Grey
Silvery Grey
Sphera Element Stone
Sphera Element White Neutral Grey
White Neutral Grey
Sphera Element White