Pop-top roof canvas

VW Transporter conversion

Our chosen roof suppliers

We enjoy building relationships with trusted suppliers. We only work with the best. 

Likewise, our chosen suppliers trust us to fit their premium products. The pop top roof suppliers we currently use are WestDubs and Drivelodge.

Use this page to help you to choose the colour and style of the pop-top roof of your campervan.

If you’re feeling unsure please do not hesitate to ask us for recommendations.

Pop-top canvas colour – Odyssey range

All poptop roof canvases offer UV and water resistance as well as being marine quality as standard.

Pop-top canvas colour – Sauleda Acrylic Premier range

Sauleda Acrylic Premier range is a slightly thicker fabric to the Odyssey and is slightly more textured. 

There are some brighter colour options in the Sauleda range such as the orange and different reds compared to the Odyssey range.

(When upgrading to Sauleda with a window at the front and a window either side the cost would be an additional £90.00 + VAT. To upgrade to the scenic option in this style would be an additional £215.00 + VAT for a SWB, and £240.00 + VAT for a LWB)

sauleda pop top colour range

Pop top style options

Pop top standard campervan
Pop-top roof (non ‘Scenic’)
Pop top roof campervan
Pop-top roof (‘Scenic’)
pop top roof
Pop-top roof (no windows)
electric campervan Lewis Nyman & Love Campers
Example of unzipped ‘Scenic’ roof.

Options to choose from:

  • No windows
  • 1 window (Only at front)
  • 2 windows (Two at side.)
  • 3 windows (Two plus one at front.)
  • Switch to fully opening unzippable ‘Scenic’ canvas. (Starting from £200)

Varying costs will apply with the above options depending on the size and type of your van.

Please note, the ‘Scenic’ canvas is not available for all vans. Please enquire.