6 wood finishes for your campervan conversion

Wood finishes for your campervan conversion

At Love Campers, we specialise in beautifully designed campervan conversions… and one thing we absolutely adore is a natural wooden interior in a van. High-quality, wood finishes for your campervan can create a lovely, natural feel for your new home on wheels!

All our designs feature high quality hand-built furniture, sanded and treated with a natural wood style finish.

However, with so many options available, finding the right wood and finishing products can be a confusing task. Woodworking is one of the expert skills you’ll needed for a van conversion, and our team apply their carpentry and design knowledge to create campervan interiors that look and feel premium.

Don’t forget that our Love Campers vans can be handcrafted to the design and finish of your choice.

This blog post will cover all the different types of woodwork finish we can offer you, complete with photograph examples of our previous work. 

wooden finish in a vw camper

Wood interiors for your campervan

At Love Campers we build our furniture from oak, pine, bamboo, poplar and birch – all finished in a variety of different styles. 

Top tip! We tend to only use solid hardwoods as worktops, otherwise your van would be far too heavy. 

You will have the choice of either ply or Tongue & Groove. With our Tongue & Groove wood finishes you will also have a choice of wood stain.

If you have any photographs or mood boards to show us we’d be more than happy to take a look at those. Research into existing campervans and ‘tiny homes’ really gets us inspired!

So without further ado, here are our top wooden campervan finishes to ignite your van-life passions!

1) Woodwork finish:
Tongue & Groove in Indian Rosewood

VW Caddy campervan conversion (Mandalay design)
VW Caddy campervan conversion (Mandalay design)

Campervan interior overview

  • Work surface – 25mm solid oak 
  • Ceiling cladding – pine ply with Indian Rosewood stain
  • Furniture – pine with Indian Rosewood stain

These campervans feature work surfaces made from 25mm solid oak.

In the top photograph the interior ceiling cladding is made from pine with an Indian Rosewood stain.

The tongue and groove furniture features an Indian Rosewood stain

2) Woodwork finish:
Tongue and Groove in French Oak

Handbuilt wooden campervan

Campervan interior overview

  • Work surface – 40mm solid oak
  • Furniture – solid pine with French Oak stain 
  • Flooring – Forbo “Warm Chestnut”

The wood finish of this campervan is shown in our distinctive design layout – the Atlantis.

All the work surfaces you can see in this photo are made from solid oak.

The furniture is designed in Tongue & Groove and finished with the French Oak stain. We use a variety of different oils to give different tones to the wood. This camper includes the darker French Oak stain to accentuate the woods natural grain. 

The flooring is actually a high quality vinyl flooring from our expert suppliers at Forbo. This flooring is in the ‘Warm Chestnut’ style.

3) Woodwork finish:
Tongue & Groove in Natural Wood

Natural wooden interior campervan VW crafter

Campervan interior overview

  • Work surfaces – 25mm solid oak
  • Furniture – Tongue & Groove with natural wood

This a photo of our Santorini design layout in a VW Crafter using Tongue & Groove natural wood.

The furniture alongside the painted white ceiling gives a bright and spacious feel to the campervan interior.

All our Love Campers vans can be customised to feature your chosen finishes. If you’d like us to build a high quality campervan but you’d still like to put your personal stamp on the finished look then get in touch

4) Woodwork finish:
Poplar and Birch Ply in Natura

VW Transporter wooden campervan interior

Campervan interior overview

  • Work surfaces -12mm bamboo
  • Cupboards, drawers and table – poplar ply with a natural stain 

These campers are fitted out with bamboo work surfaces and furniture cabinets in beautiful poplar ply with the grain of the wood showing throughout. 

As you can see in the photos the custom cupboards and drawers can be designed with rounded edges and a variety of handle mechanisms. With a Love Campers design you get to choose these final touches!

If you’d like to learn more about incorporating personalisation into your perfect campervan then check out the customisation choices that are available to you if you choose to go with a Love Campers design.

 5) Woodwork finish:
Tongue & Groove with White Wood finish

White wood campervan interior Fiat Ducato
Family campervan design white wood

Campervan interior overview

  • All works surfaces – solid natural oak
  • Furniture – Tongue & Groove with painted white wood and clear varnish (Farrow & Ball paint)

In this conversion of a Citroen Relay we have fitted Tongue & Groove oak furniture with white Farrow & Ball paint and a clear varnish.

The characteristic grain of the oak wood can be seen on every surface which creates a beautiful organic feel. It creates a light, airy and crisp look inside your campervan – very slick!

The contrast with solid natural oak work surfaces creates depth and warms up the overall look.

6) Woodwork finish
Ply fronted with Melamine

White interior small campervan
white wood interior micro camper
Melamine work surface

Campervan interior overview

  • Work surfaces – Light bamboo
  • Furniture – Poplar ply with melamine in white

This camper is a fully converted VW Caddy using our Mandalay design- one of our classic micro conversions.

This campervan has furniture with a white melamine frontage, which we think works well as a hardwearing material. It is easy to clean as it can be wiped with a cloth. With melamine you could choose a variety of bright colour options. The contrasting work surface in bamboo creates a modern wooden finish, while keeping a spacious and bright feel to this small campervan.

Finishes Diagram showing different surfaces which can be customised

A custom built campervan to suit your personality

We understand that a campervan is a large investment so you’ll want to make sure you are spending your money wisely on something that you absolutely love. Sometimes it can be hard to find precisely what we are looking for.

That’s why, we offer you the chance to customise your finished campervan. At Love Campers you can get creative and add the finishing touches that suit your exact needs.

If you like the look of a few of our vans above, but feel like mixing up the styles and materials, then take a look at the customisation page of our website.

Our craftsmen will be on hand to help you to choose the most practical, durable and attractive wood finishes for your new campervan!

Are you planning a campervan conversion? Get in touch with us to request a consultation at hello@lovecampers.co.uk

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