A romantic getaway in a campervan – an alternative Valentine’s Day gift

Planning a romantic getaway? Or maybe you fancy giving an alternative Valentine’s Day gift this year? 

Whatever time of the year, it’s well worth considering a campervan mini-break with your loved one. At Love Campers we think a camper holiday beats an all-inclusive beach vacation, hands down! It can even be a great alternative idea for newlywed couples who are planning a memorable honeymoon on a budget. 

And if you want your holiday experience to be eco-friendly as well as romantic (win win!) then we’d recommend rent the beautiful EVE campervan from our friends over at Wild Drives. The medium sized electric van was converted by us at Love Campers. 🙂

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A “Promise Voucher” as an alternative valentine’s day gift:

Were you a little too late to organise a Valentines gift this year? Save and print out the below “Promise Gift Voucher” which will make a great alternative valentine’s day gift.

What makes a campervan holiday so romantic?

A romantic holiday in a campervan allows you to spend proper quality time with your loved one. Whether it’s waking up to the sound of birdsong or stargazing late at night, sharing time together in nature is nourishing for the soul. Forget the box of chocolates or bottle of wine, it’s a fact that most people value experiences over material things and a campervan trip gives you the chance to break up the monotony and stresses of everyday life, so you can really nurture your relationships. 

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5 tips for a romantic getaway in a campervan

1) Plan a romantic DIY meal

What’s better than a mouth-watering meal shared with the person that you love? Not many things! With a romantic campervan getaway your meals are all part of the adventure and completely down to you. Make a generous gesture in the form of a personalised picnic or cook up a storm on a BBQ as the sun goes down. You won’t have to fight the crowds for a table reservation this Valentine’s Day if you’re sat upon a clifftop in a camp chair. Bring a picnic rug, tealights and blankets, as well as a big basket of delicious goodies, of course. In our experience you can’t go far wrong if you have bread, cheese and prosecco!

Love Campers Mandalay Conversion - Cooker

2. Visit stunning nature spots

The UK is jam-packed full of outstanding areas of natural beauty. Some of our favourites include the Lake and Peak District, the North Coast road trip of Scotland, countless beautiful beaches in Cornwall and the hidden gems tucked around Wales. Spending your days being active will be great for your health and give you a shared sense of achievement. From fairy pools to blue lagoons, there are lots of romantic places to go for a spot of wild swimming with your loved one… maybe if it’s quiet you’ll be able to sneak in some skinny dipping!

Maybe you’re looking for an idea for a memorable wedding proposal? Why not hike your way up to a stunning viewpoint on the top of a mountain (or big hill!) to pop the question?

When you hit the road and experience the beauty of nature, you’re bound to create some precious memories you’ll treasure forever.

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3. Watch a spectacular sunrise or sunset

There aren’t many things in life that are more breathtaking than a jaw-droppingly, colourful sunrise… or sunset! When you go on a romantic campervan holiday, you get the chance to start and end each day taking in the beauty of both. Light the campfire and snuggle up together under a blanket to take in the views. You can make it a fun mission to find the best sunset spot to settle into at the end of the day – get yourself comfortable on your camp chairs with a glass of wine, with the reassuring knowledge that you’re right next to your bed when it starts to get cold!

4. Get cozy in your own private space

With a campervan trip it can actually add to the romance when the weather turns! Imagine the sound of the rain outside while you’re in the warmth of your cozy campervan… The heating is on, the fairy lights are twinkling and you’re wrapped up in blankets with a movie. With the van conversions we make at Love Campers we fit all our vehicles with state of the art insulation systems and gas airblow heating, to keep them toasty inside. We also add solar panels and inbuilt leisure batteries so that the campervans can run totally off-grid. Our top tip, would be to go for a campervan that has a warm wooden interior for a log cabin-esque feel. 

Love Campers Mandalay Conversion - Bed

5. Take time to connect

A romantic getaway in a campervan removes you from your day-to-day life and gives you more time to engage in deeper conversation. Find a new kind of intimacy as you walk and talk your way through each day without the pressure of city life. We really love the idea of conversation card decks for couples which suggest reflective topics or flirty and light-hearted games to connect over. If these don’t float your boat, maybe you’d enjoy playing a game of scrabble or charades. Just remember, a campervan holiday is the perfect time to laugh, smile and be silly together. 

Hit the road for your romantic getaway today!

Have we convinced you yet that a campervan trip is the cutest way to sojourn with your soulmate?! 

If so, why not consider getting a converted van of your very own? We have a few campervans for sale on our sales page which are perfect for weekend breaks away. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to see them when any new ones go up for sale. 

If you’re interested in having your very own campervan for multiple romantic getaways throughout the whole year, we’d love to hear from you. We can build you a campervan to order which is personalised and unique to you using one of our Love Campers designs.

If you want to get on a campervan trip straight away, no worries – both Wild Drives and Shore Campers have campervans to hire which have been converted by us at Love Campers.

These vans have been converted in classic Love Campers style, complete with wooden interiors, fully functioning mini-kitchens and spot lighting.

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