Can you make the VW ID Buzz into a campervan?

So, with the launch of the jaw-droppingly beautiful VW ID Buzz, everyone seems to be asking the same question: Can you make the VW ID Buzz into a family campervan? 

We reckon we can! 

With over five years experience building beautiful artisan micro-campers, from the Volkswagen Caddy range, we were literally ‘buzzing’ to learn about the ID Buzz hitting the electric vehicle market.

In fact, we’ve been busy planning something extra special since we first heard of its launch earlier this year. 

All ID Buzz photos from VW

At Love Campers we’ve already carried out camper conversions on the Nissan E-NV200 and the Citroen E-Dispatch, and with the future of transportation undoubtedly, being electric, we’re keen to get our hands on an ID Buzz as soon as possible. 

With its classic hippy style it’s reminiscent of the much-loved VW Type 2 from all the way back in 1950. However, with the Buzz, the iconic Type 2 Bus look receives a modern and slick makeover with state-of-the-art technologies which make it groundbreakingly futuristic.

For classic camper enthusiasts like ourselves, the ID Buzz really gets our innovative minds in gear! 

Fitting a camper into the ID Buzz

Technical Director Darren and the team of carpenters at Love Campers have been busy inventing fresh designs and innovative twists on our usual layouts. 

The ID Buzz Cargo van, a panel version of the vehicle, has three seats across the front and a large cavernous space behind. The van has a similar footprint to the Caddy Maxi Life, with an interior load size more like the larger VW Transporter. Meaning we could give a Buzz twist to one our existing Mandalay, [Avalon] or Chamonix layouts. 

We’re looking to both build on our extensive micro camper and VW experience, and add something a little unique to our take on the ID Buzz interior. We have a vision for a light, streamlined style drawing inspiration from both classic boats and the nostalgic VW Bus interiors of bygone years – something that really plays around with the theme of mixing up the old with the new. 

A cutting edge design for the VW ID Buzz will be part of our latest venture, The Campervan Lab – a space where luxury, innovation and sustainability combine, to create the campervans of the future. 

What makes us most excited about the VW ID Buzz?

What we love most about the ID Buzz is that it’s so compact and versatile that it can be used as an everyday family car as well as the perfect getaway camper (once we’ve converted the interior that is!). 

At 4.7m long and almost two metres wide (plus a near-3m wheelbase) it’s small enough to work on the roads as a micro camper, but thanks to VW situating the engine towards the rear of the vehicle, it has a roomy interior, more like campers with a far larger footprint.

In comparison to the other base vehicles we specialise in, it’s about 20cm longer than a VW Caddy van and 20cm shorter than a VW Transporter, so it fits between the two. The Caddy has a 3m-squared space, the ID Buzz Cargo offers a 4m-squared space. The ID Buzz has a WLTP range of around 280 miles.

With our previous electric van conversions, we’ve added solar panels to take our vans to the next level, charging fridges, hobs, and even electric bikes with our solar panel system. A Love Campers ID Buzz campervan conversion will be able to function purely off-grid, giving you maximum flexibility.

A smooth driving experience

Since it’s been available to test drive, we’ve been pleased to read many reviews on the vehicle confirming that the drive experience matches the quality of its breathtaking visuals, with the likes of Top Gear reporting that the ID Buzz ‘drives smoothly, cleanly and lightly’.

Top Gear magazine awarded the ID Buzz the prestigious accolade of ‘Electric Car of the Year’ with Ollie Marriage describing it as the best drive of any van he’s tested:

“It drives better than any van, is swift enough, has winning cabin design and packaging, but mostly is a brighter, more engaging way for a family to travel.” Marriage, said in the Top Gear review

An electric future!

As you can tell, we cannot wait to add an ID Buzz to the range of vehicles we convert. Of course that’s partly down to the fact it gets our creative juices pumping, but it’s also a lot to do with our hopes and visions for a more environmentally conscious industry.

Be one of the first to have an electric campervan!

Electric campers are still super rare! If you’d like to be one of the first to own an electric camper and would like us to convert it for you, please get in touch with us as we’d love to help. Let us know before you buy the base vehicle so we can make sure that it is going to work for your needs.

If you’re not in the market for an electric vehicle right now, but you’re interested in a sustainable alternative, have a look at our off-grid solar paneled conversions

If you’d like a camper you can use as your every day vehicle we’d recommend our Caddy micro campers. We often have these available to purchase immediately so it’s worth giving us a call to see if we’ve got one at the moment. 

Our existing VW Caddy collection

You can find out more about our established micro-camper collection in a write up from our friends over at Van Life Adventures. Editor, Shane Davis from Van Life Adventures said:

“Love Campers are currently dominating the UK conversion market for micro-campers and have designed several configurations using the long wheelbase Volkswagen Caddy.” 

Read the full review from Van Life Adventures here.