New project! We’ll build your unusual vehicle conversion!

Are you a conscientious entrepreneur with an idea for a project brewing? Can you get your hands on an unusual vehicle? We’re excited to convert any weird vehicles we can get our hands on, from a static double decker bus to an abandoned helicopter! Whether it’s a tank, a train carriage or a Tardis, we’d love to help with an extra special conversion in the coming year.

We’re not sure what you’ll bring us but we’re sure that we’ll be able to come up with a design solution for any size or shape of vehicle. As experts at converting small spaces into fully functioning tiny homes, it’s a challenge we’d like to take on in the coming year.

Inspired at The Glamping Show

It was incredible to meet so many inspirational entrepreneurs a The Glamping Show this year. We had some great chats and felt really enthused talking about so many people’s different creative ideas. 

It made us realise that we’d love to convert some less traditional spaces on top of our usual van and horsebox conversions. It would be great to work on the interior of something like a plane that was being used as a glamping site or home.

We’re already working with someone we met at The Glamping Show, working closely with her to design and convert a horsebox into a portable coffee shop for use at the customer’s new dog park. We’re very excited to see how our customers come up with original and creative ideas like these.

Please get in touch with your ideas and we’ll offer a good discount to whoever we work with.

Our innovative minds are totally in gear and we’d love to work with you on this as a bespoke creation!

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