Restoration of a Classic VW Splitscreen Camper with Love Campers & ValetPRO

In this blog post we reveal how we converted and carried out a full restoration on a VW Splitscreen camper van, with a little bit of help along the way!

Working with our Love Campers partners

Here at Love Campers we’ve spent many years building relationships with trusted suppliers and retailers. We take great pride in working with the best of the best when it comes to our partners.

That’s why, when we found out that we were moving into a warehouse near ValetPRO we were very excited about our new neighbours! 🙂 We knew they’d be able to help us with the restoration VW Splitscreen ‘Splitty’ Camper!

Photo credit @valetpro_ltd

About ValetPRO

Valet Pro are award winning manufacturers that specialise in pH neutral formulas that provide safe and efficient vehicle cleaning. ValetPRO products are some of the best on the market in vehicle care, designed to make car cleaning easier and quicker. Founded in 2005, their extensive product range of car cleaning and protection solutions and accessories, is now exported to more than thirty countries. 

Simply put, their range of professional detailing products will make your vehicle sparkle and shine like never before.

If you’ve ever been to an automotive event with beautifully polished vehicles on display, chances are ValetPRO would have had something to do with that! 

Photo credit @valetpro_ltd

Enhancing the VW Split Screen Camper with ValetPRO products

And so, when they kindly offered to spruce up our VW Split Screen camper van, we jumped at the chance! 

The ValetPRO team got to work with preparing, polishing and protecting the body of the classic camper, and we knew our baby was in good hands. 🙂

Photo credit @valetpro_ltd

With dazzling products names such as Dragons Breath and Citrus Bling there is a ValetPRO formula for every step of the cleaning process. From polishing the wheels to shining up the windows, we sat back and let the professionals get to work. 

To find out how they achieved this amazing finish check out their blog which breaks down the exact process and products they used to achieve the look.

Photo credit @valetpro_ltd

The story of how we restored and converted our beloved VW T1 “Splitty”

At Love Campers we have always adored these classic campers and knew for a while that we wanted to import one to add to our fleet. The unmistakable style of a VW bus was something that, quite frankly as campervan enthusiasts, we just needed in our lives! 

Love Campers VW Splitty on the beach

The story of our own rare and highly collectable VW T1 Split Screen camper started in Brazil, where it was being used as a luxury wedding transport vehicle, delivering brides-to-be in style.

For those who are die-hard vintage VW fans, like ourselves, you’ll already be aware that the production of the VW Split Screen moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil from Germany back in 1967. Our own Splitty was manufactured in 1970 and came to us in 2017. Since then we’ve been embarking on a high level refurbishment to bring her back to her original glory. 

What we’ve done so far…

When we got the Splitty the engine was in a particularly bad state, which meant we had to completely rebuild the engine from scratch. 

After that we upgraded the brake system, installing disc brakes, and added a new steering rack. 

Next on the list was to realign the panels and after that we set to work on lowering the vehicle. 

The last bit of exterior work we are planning on carrying out is fitting Whitewall tyres for a beautiful vintage look! 

Next on the list…

Of course, we’re taking our time with our pride and joy.  To be honest, it’s not always easy to fit in working on our own projects around building beautiful camper van conversions for our customers

In our spare time we’ll soon be working on a full interior restoration with a Love Campers twist.  As we renovate the interior we’ll be sure to give our VW Splitty fans, all the behind the scenes details and photographs. Make sure to add us on Instagram and Facebook where we’ll reveal the final design. 

And make sure to follow ValetPRO if sexy, sparkling cars are also your thing! ????

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