Solar panels for campervans – we chat with the experts at Bimble Solar

When choosing a supplier for our solar panels for campervans, we knew from the start that we wanted to work with the world recognised solar brand Bimble Solar.

They share some important values with us such as sustainability and a commitment to manufacture products of the highest quality.

We only want to work with the very best. 

Likewise, our chosen suppliers have built up a deep trust with us and know we will fit their products safely and correctly.

solar panels on van

Learning more about solar panels for vans

We chatted to Bimble Solar Director, Grant Atkins about his business, and why solar panels for campervans are a no-brainer!

As experts in the field of off-grid living, Grant told us all about their exciting sustainability projects and which future technologies are getting them most excited.

Read to the end for a competition to WIN a 16A 15M Roller Mobile Mains Power Unit !!

16A 15M Roller Mobile Mains Power Unit With LED Light
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How did Bimble Solar get started as a business?

Bimble Solar are suppliers of off grid solar and renewable energy systems to customers in the UK, Europe and around the world.  Specialising in Off Grid we offer any size of system suitable for campers, vans, boats, houses, farms, rural communities and villages.

Bimble Solar is formed from the infamous festival venue The Bimble Inn.  We have been around for 15 years operating our solar powered venue and 100% solar powered festival, Bimble Bandada, and we have a deep understanding and experience of solar and off grid systems.  We have used our knowledge and experience to source affordable equipment to enable others to become solar powered at a great price. 

What are your company values?

Affordable solutions – We strive to offer the most affordable solutions for our customers, many who have tight budgets.

Helpful advice – Often we are helping folk understand off grid living, we have lots of information on our site and are happy to chat.

Technical expertise – We have 15 years experience in the off grid industry and are authorised distributors for market leaders Epever, Victron, Outback and more.

Sustainability – Green is the only way forward, it has to be!

Solar panel on campervan

Why do you choose to work with Love Campers?

Love Campers have been a customer since we were small, we like the relationships we have with our installers, whom we get to see grow as time goes by, which is lovely to watch.

If you want power in the middle of nowhere, then solar panels on your campervan is a no-brainer.  Hook-up or running the engine can be either impossible to achieve or unwanted.

Do you have any interesting facts to tell us about solar energy?

Yes! Here are 3 interesting facts for you:

Solar panel costs have fallen 99% since 1977.

One hour of sunlight equals one year’s worth of energy for the entire earth.

You can generate an immeasurably small amount of power by pointing your panel at the moon!

What green initiatives are you working on at the moment?

Instead of Black Friday, we have Green Friday and plant trees instead.

We supported the construction of a welfare vehicle in Calais and provided equipment for phone charging, solar powered of course.

For the future, we plan to set up a scheme to build off grid chiller vehicles to support the safe storage of blood, vaccines etc, in countries with poor electricity supplies.

Amazing! which future technologies are you most excited about?

The latest long life lithium LTO batteries, with a potential 30 000 cycles, look very promising.  We are about to begin supplying a range, taking the leap with our customers into new technology systems and greener products.

What other projects do you have on the go?

The Bimble Inn is back at Glastonbury 2022, the Bimble Bandada festival is also planned for 2022 at it’s new hush-hush venue. 

Aldridge Mill offers wild camping and off grid holidays. Aldridge Mill is an old working mill that finished grinding corn in the 1930’s. It is nestled deep in a sheltered valley amidst the top of mid Devon.  For further details –

We’re giving one very lucky camper the chance to win a Power Unit. Could you tell us a bit more about this product?

Often camper van owners take a rest stop at a campsite. Unless your vehicle already has a specific 16A connection, then you won’t be able to make use of the facilities for power.

This simple and easy unit, allows you to connect to the 16A hook up and gives you standard mains connections for your regular 240v AC items, up to 15 meters away.


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