Using a campervan for daytrips in lockdown

It’s been almost two months of lockdown and our family are looking forward to when the rules start to ease off a bit. We have managed to have a bit of fun in the campervan while it is sitting outside the house. Our teddy bears picnics are a great success with our toddler who has great fun organising her toys and making sure they all eat ‘healthy’ foods. We have used the surprisingly infrequent rainy days to play family games, reminding me the camping holidays of my childhood.

Reading the feature ‘Things to do in your caravan during lockdown’ showed us that having the additional space the campervan provides even during lockdown can give you some much needed peace or just an alternative place to play.

What I do know is that as soon as we are allowed, I’m keen to get on with enjoying the summer, even if it means staying much closer to home than I had planned and initially at least, only using the van for local family day trips, in the meantime, it may be that you can use some of the time you would spend adventuring giving your campervan some TLC. This feature from Wales 247 gives you some suggestions for caring for your campervan during lockdown.

My small van is perfectly set up for socially distanced local day trips with a portaloo, electric coolbox, running water and electric hob. This means that as a family we can go out for a full day without having to rely on using any external facilities or worry about whether public toilets or cafes will be open. There are so many lovely places very close to where we live that it would be a real pain to have to come home just for a toilet break or because we want to have a cuppa or somewhere shady to eat our lunch.  

Having the camper also means that if we do need to make any essential journeys, we know we are set up for unexpected toilet stops -something that many people including those with young children can sympathise with. In this way we can avoid using shared facilities in places like supermarkets and petrol stations. 

If nothing else, the lockdown has taught me the benefits of having a mind open to doing things differently to the way I have always done things. I may not be able to use my campervan exactly how I envisaged using it this summer but it’s definitely going to improve the quality of our life no end and I can’t wait to get back out there again.

Wishing all of you good health during this difficult time, from our family to yours.

*Since publishing this blog, the regs have changed, allowing for unlimited exercise but no staying away from home. We would like to remind everyone to still stay local and to steer clear of popular beauty spots. Looking forward to seeing you all on the road in due course!*

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