4-5 berth family campervan conversion design for a medium to large sized van such as a VW Crafter, Citroen Relay or Fiat Ducato.

Conversion only price from

£28,995 + VAT

Our large, five berth family campervan conversion can be fitted into most long wheelbase vans including the Fiat Ducato or Citroen Relay.

The price listed is “conversion only” meaning that the van will need to be bought separately. We will be able to source a suitable vehicle for you.

This campervan is a beautifully designed and finished versatile family camper, with all the storage space needed for a big family. This is a design that we initially developed, for a family of five, including two adults, two small children, one teenager and a dog! They have been enjoying their van this year with the entire family on board!

This large family campervan has plenty of cupboard space, and rear entry storage to for bags and muddy items away from the living area. The van comes complete with 2 double beds; a semi-fixed extra-large bed and further double underneath. There is third ‘rock and roll’ bed which transforms into a beautiful seating area during the day.

There is a fully equipped kitchen, including a Thetford oven with hob, sink and fridge. There is also a removable toilet and a shower extension at the rear of the van.

If you want to make your family campervan more eco-friendly check out the electric versions of larger vehicles such as the E-Relay and E-Ducato.

large family campervan design

The Portobello Campervan conversion includes:

  • Thetford oven, grill and triple gas burner
  • Sink with pump and tap
  • Fridge
  • Large water tank
  • Flexible camper lighting – flexi and spot lighting around the van
  • USB ports and three-pin plug sockets
  • 240v electric hook-up
  • Blackout curtains covering all windows
  • Gas airblow heating
  • Solar panel as optional extra
  • Shower and toilet
  • Large double semi-fixed bed
  • A further double bed below
  • Third rock and roll bed that transforms to seating area
  • Full upholstery (choice of colours)
  • Wooden interior panelling (choice of finish)
  • Forbo vinyl flooring (choice of colour and finish)
  • Wooden cabinets (choice of finish)
  • Solid wood work surface (choice of oak or bamboo)
  • Removable table (solid wood)

Your van interior will include:

  • Carpet or wood lining in a range of colours/styles
  • Flooring by Polyflor
  • Upholstery fabric in a range of styles
  • Black out curtains in a range of colours
  • Solid wooden furniture and worktops fitted by skilled carpenters
Finishes Diagram showing different surfaces which can be customised

If you sign up to our build-to order queue we will send over details on the entire range of choices so you can make an informed decision. Find out more about the campervan interior options that would be available to you on our finishes page. Check out all the different types of wood finish we offer on the blog.

Expand the Portobello with Optional Extras

  • Solar panels – £600 + vat
  • Extra windows – cost varies depending on windows

Have a look at our gallery below for some conversion images and the finished product. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or enquiries. Contact us by email at hello@lovecampers.co.uk and by phone at 01273101407