Campervan Insurance for a unique build

At Love Campers we choose to work with trusted and reliable suppliers that offer a service which mirrors our own professional approach. We’ve spent many years building relationships with ethical businesses and only partner with those that we believe to hold the same high standards as ourselves.

That’s one of the reasons we recommend A-Plan Campervan Insurance. Similarly to us, they offer a highly bespoke and individual service which will reflect the unique nature of your new camper. After your campervan is built, A-Plan will work closely with you to evaluate the exact type of insurance that is needed for your converted van.

Why is important to get the right campervan insurance?

Insuring an adapted or specialist campervan is a bit more complex than a standard vehicle. A beautiful Love Campers interior will add some serious value to your van with it’s inbuilt kitchens, beds and handcrafted cabinetry. It’s essential for you to have the correct insurance in place, as failure to do so, may compromise your cover. That’s why we always encourage our customers to take out specialist campervan insurance on their new camper.

large campervan design
Renault campervan conversion by Love Campers

A-Plan offer the following:

  • “Like for like” cover on permanently fitted equipment on specialist policies
  • Sole use camper policies with business use
  • Up to 180 days European Cover
  • In-house claims specialist
  • Choice of repairers
VW Caddy Reimo Awning
Love Campers VW Caddy conversion

We spent a while choosing which campervan insurance company we wanted to recommend and decided on A-Plan Campervan Insurance after feeling reassured by their excellent customer service. Their existing clients rated them 4.8 out of 5 stars, in over 30,000 reviews on Trustpilot, which also helped us feel confident about their services.

What’s more, if you choose A-Plan insurance specifically with a Love Campers van, you’ll get a discount on your package.

Now you’ve figured out the insurance, it’s time to get a campervan!

If you’ve been thinking about getting a campervan but you’re worried about the costs involved, get in touch so we can help you to figure out what’s achievable. Our impressive design range starts at £15,500 + VAT for ‘conversion only’ and we can work with you to see what we can achieve for your personal needs.

At Love Campers we’re here from start to finish on your van building journey. Take a look at our designs if you’re feeling inspired by the campervan lifestyle!

Or send us an email at if you have a van project in mind. We’d love to hear from you 🙂