VW ID Buzz LWB Campervan Conversion

A larger Volkswagen ID. Buzz LWB has been launched with up to seven seats and a range of up to 285 miles. At Love Campers we’ve already been working on some exciting campervan designs for this new and improved version of the standard ID Buzz / ID Buzz Cargo.

It’s larger size makes it an ideal base for a medium sized electric campervan and it particularly suits the much-loved Zanzibar design we’ve been making for VW Caddys for many years.

id buzz conversion
Love Campers ID Buzz Cargo conversion

VW ID Buzz LWB – what makes it different?

So what are the main differences between this model and the original Buzz? Visually, you’ll have the same slick exterior with a choice of funky two-tone paint, similar to the Volkswagen T2 bus of the 1960s.

The main difference is that it’s 25cm longer which allows for extra rows of seats – a very exciting prospect for us as converters! We’ve already created a ID Buzz Campervan conversion in the Cargo version, but this gives us more space to play with.

Another exciting addition is the panoramic roof at the front cabin which creates plenty of interior light. But don’t worry, it can be darkened at night time for those long lie ins that you’ll need while adventuring on the road!

The larger rear space also allows for a bigger 82kWh battery, up from a 77kWh in the smaller model which will improve the performance of range and charging speed.

The rear space for campervan design

As campervan converters we obviously get particularly excited about the boot capacity of a vehicle! It is our understanding that the ID Buzz LWB will include adjustable backrests – some of which will be able to be folded down or completely removed. 

The fact that the seating options are variable means that the campervan space will change depending on the number of rows that are chosen. All rear seats could be removed to create a load bay for approximately 2,469 litres of storage capacity. Exciting news for us converters!

id buzz van

How will the campervan layout work?

It’s too early to explain our exact layouts in detail, but we can reveal that it could work similarly to our popular Zanzibar design, which utilises fold down seats. Take a look at the van tour below to get an idea of the functionality.

As always, a Love Campers interior will include your choice of finishes throughout.

We know how important it is to have a customisable design so you can give your campervan interior a ‘personal touch’ which is why you get to choose the colour scheme, fabrics, wood finish and other interior design elements.

Your van interior will include:

  • Carpet or wood lining in a range of colours/styles
  • Flooring by Forbo
  • Upholstery fabric in a range of styles
  • Black out curtains in a range of colours
  • Solid wooden furniture and worktops fitted by skilled carpenters
Finishes Diagram showing different surfaces which can be customised

If you sign up to our build-to order queue we will send over details on the entire range of choices so you can make an informed decision. Find out more about the campervan interior options that would be available to you on our finishes page. Check out all the different types of wood finish we offer on the blog.

id buzz campervan

Purchase a LWB ID Buzz from JCB Group

We work closely with the van center, JCB group which specialise in a wide range of cars and vans. You can register your interest and book a test drive with them by visiting their website.

The ID Buzz is available in 3 trim levels – Life, Style and 1st Edition. They will be able to talk you through all the exciting options including the exterior paint style, upholstery options and even the alloy wheel style – see images below.

Get in touch for your ID Buzz LWB Campervan!

We’re one of the very few converters of the ID Buzz, in the world (!) having worked quickly to innovate as soon as we became aware of this electric van. The future and sustainability of ‘van life’ is extremely important to us which is why we’re working hard and fast, for a more eco-friendly industry.

Bespoke conversions of the ID Buzz with Love Campers start from £17,500 + VAT. So, whether you’re after a green getaway, or simply want to turn heads on your local streets, the Love Campers VW ID Buzz is the electric van for you.

Get in touch with us at hello@lovecampers.co.uk to join our build queue.