Race van & Adventure van conversions

At Love Campers we are experienced at building race vans, adventure vans and totally bespoke campers which let our customers indulge in whatever their passions and hobbies may be. All of our race van conversions are professionally built at our premises by highly skilled carpenters and campervan fitters.

We make sure that every camper is tailor made to your personal requirements and you’ll get the chance to choose your specific finishes including the wood or laminate style, upholstery fabric and more.

What is a race van camper?

Typically, a ‘race van’ is a campervan used by motorbike enthusiasts to explore the country and follow specific rallies as they go. It offers comfort and style so they can enjoy their hobby to the max! With a race van you’ll have a beautiful home-on-wheels to go back to at the end of a busy day adventuring.

We recently built a large campervan with a bespoke garage for motorbikes, photographed below. We worked with the client to create something that had tonnes of storage space, whilst also offering a beautiful campervan interior that felt comfortable and homely.

But don’t forget, a campervan garage could be used for storing all sorts of different equipment. We encourage our clients to get inventive with their camper adventures – maybe you could fit an on-the-go coffee machine or a pull out artist studio?!

Campervans for cyclists

Another type of adventure van we build includes various options for bike storage, either inside the van or with a bike rack fitted to the exterior. A bike rack could go on the back of the vehicle or even on the roof.

We will work closely with you to create a design that suits your particular hobby and needs.

campervan with bike rack conversion

Surf campervans

One medium sized van conversion design we offer is the stunning Luna Surf Van design, pictured below. It features a pop-top roof and plenty of interior space. For this conversion we used a Nissan NV300, but any medium to large sized van would make a good base vehicle.

As with all our designs we offer a fully hand built conversion with optional extras. This beautiful camper was built for a customer who wanted a van specifically for surfing holidays, in the UK and further afield. It included a purpose built storage cupboard for a surfboard.

campervan for surfing
surf campervan

Campervans for family adventures

Another example of an adventure van is our very own Love Campers family camper. (Now up for sale!)

The campervan has solar panels, a lithium battery and a powerful inverter, enabling the whole family to charge their electric skateboards, e-bikes and laptops, completely off-grid. 

This campervan is particularly special as it’s a converted German ex-military Red Cross ambulance, manufactured by Mercedes-Benz 507D in 1989.

You can view more photos of our ambulance conversion here.

campervan for sale

Get in touch for your race van conversion

If you’d like to learn more about incorporating personalisation into your perfect race van or hobby camper you can email our workshop team – they’ll be delighted to work with you on the creative design process.

We know how important it is to have a personalised touch to your camper. You will be able to choose the colour scheme, fabrics and wood finish as well as many other interior design options. Check out our inspiration board to feel inspired! 

You can also decide whether you’d like any extras in your van, such as a portaloo, heating, or an off-grid solar power system. 

If you’re interested in seeing more of our designs, make sure to have a look at our van tour videos on YouTube.