Our latest van conversion design: the “Santorini”

Introducing our latest five-berth medium sized van conversion design…

This beauty is fitted out with our official Love Campers design stamp, which we’ve lovingly named “Santorini” after the stunning Greek island.

Love Campers. December 2020. Photo by Jamie Marshall www.lovecampers.co.uk VW Crafter conversion

Love Campers Campervan Designs

Did you know that all our conversions start off with one of our tried and tested designs? With over 25 years’ experience in hand building campervans we’ve innovated and patented designs that make the best use of the space available. You can rest assured that we’ve planned everything out to the smallest of details, so that you can get the most functional experience out of your van. We’ve experimented with countless layouts over the years and know what the most important features are for a realistic living experience. Of course, once you’ve chosen the base design of your van you can personalise the look with customisable finish choices – everything from the style of wood to the upholstery fabric.

The Santorini styling

The Santorini design is perfect for a medium to large sized van. The layout makes brilliant use of the space available inside the camper and features two double beds, making it perfect for a small family. It also has five belted seats for when you’re on the move.

The large semi-fixed bed with a further double sized folding bed below is one of the most appealing features. It transforms into a seating area by day, and as you can see from the photos below, there is plenty of sneaky storage hidden below the bed.

As with many of the Love Camper Designs it includes some fantastic facilities including a triple hob/oven/grill, a sink with pump and a compressor fridge.

Further features such as an inverter, extra windows, and a swivel front seat can be added in for an extra special experience.

All our campers are handmade with wood and feature as many natural products as possible, which gives an eco-conscious look to your van.


  • Large double semi-fixed bed
  • A further folding smaller double bed below
  • Full upholstery in Ravel wipeable fabric (choice of colours)
  • Tongue and groove wood interior panelling (choice of finish)
  • Forbo vinyl flooring (choice of colour and finish)
  • Wooden cabinets (choice of finish)
  • Solid wood work surface (choice of oak or bamboo)
  • Removable folding table (solid wood)
  • Thetford oven, grill and triple gas burner
  • Sink with pump and tap
  • Compressor fridge
  • Large water tank
  • Flexible camper lighting – flexi and spot lighting around the van
  • USB ports and three-pin plug sockets
  • 240v electric hook-up
  • Blackout curtains covering all windows
  • Gas airflow heating
  • Solar panel

Please get in touch if you’re interested in having us complete a van conversion for you.

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