Ford Transit Custom

Why the Ford Transit?

The Ford Transit is a popular base vehicle for your campervan conversion. We can fit a number of our designs into a Ford Transit including the Avalon, Mandalay and Chamonix.

Ford Transits are probably the best known of all vans and can be bought fairly easily and often to the size and engine size you want – which does make them popular conversions. It’s important to know that they come in a range of sizes. Depending on the size of the Transit you’d like we may be able to suggest more design options.

It may be worth having an initial chat with us at Love Campers so we can help determine the optimal wheelbase option for your requirements. Longer is not always better, particularly if you are going to be having a lot of off road or mountainous adventures!

We also offer conversions on the VW Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter. If you’re after something a bit smaller you may be interested in our VW Caddy or Transporter conversion packages. 


Base VehicleDesignBerthBelted SeatsExternal showerPop Top RoofPortalooSolarHeatingInverter
Ford Transit SWBAvalonUp to 43OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Ford Transit SWBMandalayUp to 44-6OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Ford Transit LWBMandalay MaxUp to 44-6OptionalNoOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Ford Transit SWBChamonixUp to 43OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Ford Transit LWBChamonix MaxUp to 43OptionalNoOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

Design styles to inspire…


Chamonix (MAX)

campervan conversion

Mandalay MAX

Transporter conversion

Your van interior will include:

  • Carpet or wood lining in a range of colours/styles
  • Flooring by Forbo
  • Upholstery fabric in a range of styles
  • Black out curtains in a range of colours
  • Solid wooden furniture and worktops fitted by skilled carpenters
Finishes Diagram showing different surfaces which can be customised

If you sign up to our build-to order queue we will send over details on the entire range of choices so you can make an informed decision. Find out more about the campervan interior options that would be available to you on our finishes page. Check out all the different types of wood finish we offer on the blog.